Simona concludes her internship at European Minds

Kunskap och erfarenhet som ger tillväxt i era utvecklingsprojekt.

Here we go at the end of this great experience at European Minds’ office in Stockholm. It is very hard to summarize all the reasons why make me grateful with all the staff and in general with Sweden. Perhaps the description of my feelings may give you an idea of what I have experienced here and the high quality standards of the work performed in the framework of my Leonardo Da Vinci.

The first thing caught my attention when I arrived in Sweden was without question nature surrounding Stockholm and its city centre. A plenty of well equipped and preserved green parks, a lot of people training alongside the rivers, the attention to the quality of food gave me the idea that for Swedes quality of life is a value and something to protect. Often especially in the big cities cars and buses supplant green places and take the place reserved to people. What surprises me was also that Sweden is a very big country, but tidiness and cleanness is almost everywhere.

Despite I felt a kind of gap between North and South in the common perception, it is clear that both parts of your country are stunning. It is for me funny this separation you make, because what for you is North for its traditions, distance from the centre of Sweden and life style, in Italy is South. The world view changes often according to the prospective.